For the construction and maintenance of sand based sports turf profiles

Product Description

Addition of PermaGro® to sports turf areas reduces fertiliser leaching and irrigation requirements. Promotes rapid turf establishment, assists plant health and promotes a stronger, deeper root structure. All these benefits combine to reduce management inputs and improve turf performance.

The addition of PermaGro® to sand at the Westpac Wellington Stadium, Waikato Stadium in Hamilton playing surfaces as well as the Barr Forsyth Stadium in Dunedin (photo above), is testament to groundskeepers' confidence in its performance.

NuGreen in Sports Turf Barr Forsyth Stadium Perma Gro Logo


New Construction

  • Using an approved mixer, mix 4% w/w or 10% v/v with sand for the top 125mm of turf construction prior to spreading.


Fertiliser Management

  • Regular soil tests should be taken. Less fertiliser, particularly potassium will be required.


Irrigation Management

  • Irrigation intervals should be re-evaluated and extended.


General Maintenance

  • Cored holes in problem areas can be back filled with 100% PermaGro
  • For a general coring use up to 50% PermaGro/sand mix.
  • Reduce Irrigation costs
  • Reduce fertiliser costs
  • Reduce nutrient leaching
  • Holds nutrients
  • Excellent water retention
  • Strong root development
  • Dense turf mat
SDS BPM PermaGro March 2021 [Adobe Acrobat PDF file]