Mineral Sponge

Multi-purpose liquid and vapour absorbent especially suited to spill control

Product Description

Mineral Sponge is not only able to physically absorb chemical spill it can also chemically adsorb it. This is because positive cations bond onto the the negative sites contained within the structure of the zeolite. Being a light weight clay Mineral Sponge is easy to handle but not too light that it can't be used in windy or draughty conditions unlike other absorbents on the market that are only suited to indoor applications. Mineral Sponge absorbs almost all liquids; acids, alkalis, oils, chemicals and petroleum products.

While Mineral Sponge is widely used in the industrial area, it can be just as versatile at home or on the farm, mopping up liquid chemicals, or in the workshop after oil changes.



Mineral Sponge Industrial Absorbent


It is very easy to use. In the case of a small spill, just spread mineral sponge evenly over the top and leave to absorb - or broom in to hasten the absorbing process. For larger spills, pour Mineral Sponge around the outside to 'dam' the spill (stop it from spreading) then spread over the top.

This process is also used for chemical spills with the added advantage of not only physically absorbing, but also chemically absorbing any vapour or toxic odours.

  • All natural heat sterilised mineral - contains no chemicals
  • Exceeds EPA landfill leachate tests
  • Absorbs immediately on contact
  • Super absorbent capacity
  • Ecologically safe - will not leach back absorbed fluids
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