Blue Pacific Minerals (BPM) products have zero waste; everything excavated from the quarry is used. From the finest grade of mineral used for animal feed products and slow release fertiliser markets, through to coarser mineral grades for absorbent applications such as those used for kitty litter, oil and chemical spill control right through to more technical applications such as filtration media or as a carrier for liquids to be used as a solid form – there is zero waste.

Blue Pacific Minerals New Zealand Quarry

A long-term perspective

In our business it is essential that we are able to anticipate change and build for the decades to come. We mine natural resources in quarries that have extensive life spans. Therefore, we create detailed plans of how we will use these resources to the greatest benefit of all stakeholders. Only by doing this, we can ensure a supply that meets the needs of existing and emerging applications.

Quarry Machinery At Blue Pacific Minerals

Clean extraction process

BPM’s extraction process at its quarries is clean, and simple, involving no blasting and hence no noise pollution either. An excavator is used and the process has been likened to taking slices off a loaf of bread. The land is rehabilitated in an on-going process, the topsoil is removed and stockpiled for future rehabilitation of the site. As the quarry develops we rehabilitate behind us.

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