CALVING - ZorbiFresh Active

Optimise Animal Health via bedding

Product Description

The FIRST 60 DAYS OF CALVING are always a challenge. The challenges grow with the arrival of more calves.

Blue Pacific Minerals have create a range of products that help with the bacterial challenges of calving like; damp bedding, calf diarrhoea, over crowding in pens and very busy calf rearers.


ZorbiFresh Active is a more natural way to keep calf pens dry and free of bacteria. Click here to find out more about ZorbiFresh Active for calving.

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To find out more about ZorbiFresh Active click here to see the FIRST 60 DAY CALVING SOLUTIONS.

  • Retention of ammonia with a deodorising effect in the barn.
  • Improving the living conditions for the livestock and working conditions for the attending staff.
  • Improving the bedding material for use on pasture and cropping areas.
  • Ease of use, spread out as a mix with other bedding material, wood shavings, wood chip.
  • Reduces moisture levels in bedding.