A poultry bedding additive, Zeotec is used in addition to wood shave bedding in broiler chicken farming.

Product Description

 The quality of chicks, feed and water are all of great concern to broiler producers, but the quality of litter and bedding in broiler houses is seldom given sufficient emphasis. The combination of wet litter and high ammonia can affect the chicken footpad, which results in colourisation of the skin and ultimately ulcerations. Trials show that an inclusion of zeotec at 3-5% by volume in bedding reduces moisture and shed ammonia levels, a reduction in the severity of footpad lesions and less carcass rejections.

Zeotec broiler chicken bedding additive


Apply 3-5% Zeotec by volume to the top of your wood shavings or alternative bedding material. Mix bedding and Zeotec thoroughly before settling the birds.

  • Assists in providing the correct environment for the bird and compliance with Animal welfare standards
  • Dryer bedding, with minimal caking
  • Reduces NH3 concentration
  • Assists in providing the optimum growing environment
  • Reduces in-shed odour discharge (Resource consenting)
  • New Zealand Zeotec is a BioGro certified input for organics
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