Permawet is a dual acting wetting agent suitable for all potting mixes and soils.

Product Description

A horticultural and turf market product, Permawet is the tradename for a zeolite based granular wetter which carries a market tested surfactant specifically targeted at improving the utilisation of valuable water resources in growing plants. This surfactant works to reduce or eliminate surface tension on plants and soil structures, allowing complete wetting of the associated surfaces. This process provides the most efficient delivery of water and soluble nutrients to the targeted plant or soil profile.

Permawet is designed to slowly release the surfactant across the long period of time - 2-3 months depending upon watering frequency.

The zeolite substrate, or carrier, will remain as part of the soil structure providing on-going cation-exchange and moisture retention.

Permawet is beneficial in horticulture, turf and play surfaces.

Permawet Granualr Wetting Agent by Blue Pacific Minerals


Permawet™ is best applied as a top dressing to dry turf, coring of Greens and fairways and watered in immediately with 5mm- 8mm of irrigation. Repeat cycles of low water volume to maximise activity.

  • Aids water distribution, retention and drainage
  • Easy to use granular formulation
  • Provides immediate and long term response
  • Improves the efficiency of fertilizers and crop protection products such as fungicides
  • Improved Cation Exchange (CEC) enhancing nutrient exchange following application
  • Non-toxic to plants, making it safe to use on all crop types
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