HERD - OptiSolve 5

OptiSolve - trace elements - dissolve in water

Product Description

Those important Trace Elements for your herd are now available in an easily dis-solvable form to run through the herd's drinking water.


o 10mg selenium

o 25mg cobalt chelated

o 250mg copper chelated

o 30mg iodine

o 1000mg zinc




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OptiSolve is suitable for dosing into stock drinking water through Dosatron, Se-Tech, Grundfos - dose pumps and in-shed drenching systems.

Can also be added dry to in-shed feed systems, mixer wagons and feed out wagons.

Dosage rate 5 grams per cow per day.

  • Trace elements for a healthy herd
  • Dissolves in water
  • Suitable for doising into stock drinking water