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Product Description

Optimate is a BioGro certified, naturally occurring mineral that can be added to livestock rations. 

Optimate is a 100% Natural BPM Zeolite which is mined from the Taupo volcanic zone and manufactured locally.  Optimate has an extensive internal three dimensional porous structure giving it the unique ability to absorb, adsorb, hold, release and exchange water, ions and nutrients according to conditions of the surrounding environment. 

Feeding your livestock Optimate will provide many benefits - from optimising animal health and production to reducing nitrogen leachate in the environment.

Optimate comes in either: 25kg bags, 1000kg bulk bags. 


Optimate is also available in granule form upon request.
This is a 1mm - 8mm chip and is ideal for adding to your in-shed feed system to help reduce bridging. 

For more information on this product ask us about OptimateBQ.


"I’ve been using Optimate for the 2018/2019 season as a feed additive primarily to help with buffering starch levels when feeding supplement on the feed pad. We’ve found production has increased and peaked at 2.6 milk solids per cow across 6 weeks.  We’ve also seen a significant reduction in acidosis since using Optimate.  The cows have held condition and cycled well.  Optimate will continue to be a key part of our supplement programme for future seasons."

John Anderson
Sharemilker - Marotiri



Cows fed Optimate natural stockfeed optimiser


The best way to mix Optimate or OptimateBQ is using TMR or in-shed feeding systems. For simple health and performance enhancing substitute at 2.5% of total DMI mixed with existing feed supplements.

Depending on whether you are looking at prevention or recovery you can feed between 2.5 and 5% of DMI ( or 100-200gm per cow per day) depending on what you are wanting to achieve.

Contact us for further advice.

  • BioGro certified input for organics
  • Enhances the nutritional value of stock feed
  • Buffers pH
  • Aids in preventing scouring
  • Decreases blood and milk urea levels
  • Stores nutrients in your pasture for slow release
  • Cuts nitrogen and phosphorus losses into the environment
  • Decreases rumen ammonium production.
  • Optimises gut health and supports a healthy immune system, improving production and general health and body condition.
SDS BPM Optimate September 2019 [Adobe Acrobat PDF file]
SDS BPM granular zeolite December 2017 [Adobe Acrobat PDF file]