CALVING - OptiGuard

OptiGuard is a BioGro certified input for organics, suitable for minor cases of diarrhoea

Product Description

Aids in minor cases of calf diarrhoea - can be added to milk


OptiGuard is a coarser milled Aluminosilicate product suitable for minor cases of calf diarrhoea, sold only through Veterinary Clinics nationwide.

Calves love the taste.

Suitable for use for minor cases of diarrhoea.

Biogro Certified input for organics.

Suitable for use in milk.


Question: How does OptiGuard help with diarrhoea (diarrhea)?
Answer: Its ability to absorb water
  • OptiGuardTM is an Aluminosilicate with a large surface area providing a large surface to gut interface. This allows for rapid absorption in the intestines, thereby aiding in the treatment of minor cases of diarrhoea.   


How do I use OptiGuardTM?

  • For calves with minor cases of diarrhoea provide 10g of OptiGuard per calf, per day to milk.
  • OptiGuard is suitable for use without veterinary advice only in the treatment of minor cases of diarrhoea. If OptiGuard fails to alleviate the condition being treated, seek veterinary advice.
  • OptiGuard will not treat dehydration, ensure calves have access to plenty of fresh water.



Please see read label and SDS before use. Prolonged or repeated exposure may cause damage to organs.
For Animal Treatment only.
Healthy Feeding Calves


How to use OptiGuard?

Simply add OptiGuardTM to your calf-meal mix, or place it directly into feed troughs to allow calves to self-manage their intake. OptiGuardTM can also be mixed with milk. Simply stir to reconstitute.
Addition rates from 10gm per calf, per day – or ad-lib as necessary. OptiGuardTM is available in 20kg bags and 1000kg bulk bags from your local Vet only.

  • Suitable for minor cases of calf diarrhoea
  • Calves love the taste
  • BioGro certified input for organics
  • No Withholding period required
  • Safe for all livestock
  • 100% Natural
  • Can be fed in milk
Calf Rearing Protocols [Adobe Acrobat PDF file]
SDS BPM Optiguard March 2021 [Adobe Acrobat PDF file]