Anti-diarrhoeal treatment for your young livestock

Product Description

A calf anti-diarrhoeal (diarrhea or scours) product, OptiCalf is a coarser milled zeolite product sold through many rural retailers around the country such as Farmlands, PGG Wrightsons and Farm Source.

Question: How does OptiCalf help with diarrhoea (diarrhea)?
Answer: Its ability to absorb water and slow digestion.
  • OptiCalf removes some water from the digesta in the digestive track.
  • The digesta is therefore drier, so it moves a bit slower through the digestive tract allowing more time for digestion and nutrient uptake.
  • This can also help to reduce the effects of dehydration due to scours.
  • In new born calves the intestinal wall is still porous allowing large antibody molecules through intact.
  • By helping to slow down the passage of the colostrum a bit, OptiCalf allows more time for antibodies to be absorbed.


Question: How much does OptiCalf cost?
Answer: less than $1 per calf for 8 weeks
  • At a dose rate of 15 grams the cost per calf (for 30 calves) is a mere 1.6 cents per calf per day.
  • That’s just under $1 per calf if fed for a total of 8 weeks.
  • Each bag costing around $30 supplies enough product to supply 30 calves through to weaning at 8 weeks.


“Is $1 too much to pay for a stronger healthier calf?”

Question: What is zeolite?
  • Naturally abundant in volcanic areas
  • NZ sourced and processed – Biogro & organic certified
  • NZ zeolites are unique – clean, open, and soft structure
  • Aluminosilicate rock with a unique 3 dimensional honeycomb porous structure
  • Incredible absorption capability of liquids and compounds.
  • Natural and safe for all animals including calves, cows, goats, pigs chickens and horses
  • Beneficial for the gastro intestinal tract and nutrient absorption
  • Effective in binding toxins and other harmful pathogens for the prevention of scours
  • Palatable and easy to feed
  • Cost effective


Exchange capacity (- negative charge)

OptiCalf has an extremely high exchange capacity on each particle.


Question: What is exchange capacity?
Answer: Exchange capacity is a measure of negative charge on each particle, typically the finer or more porous the particle, the greater the negative charge.
Negatively charged particles have the ability to pull and absorb positively charged particles which include, viruses, bacteria, and toxins directly from the animals digestive system.


Question: Why is the negative charge so important?
  • The majority of bacterial and viral toxins produced carry a positive charge.
  • Viruses such as Rotovirus carry a positive charge on the outer membrane.



OptiCalf prevent diarrohea optimise growth WEB2


Question: How do I use OptiCalf?
  • Addition rates from 10-20 grams per calf per day – or ad lib as necessary.
  • OptiCalf can be added to your calf meal mix, or placed directly into feed troughs to allow calves to self-manage their intake. You cannot overfeed OptiCalf.
  • Due to the palatability, Opticalf can be used to transition calves onto hard feed, just sprinkle on top of their meal.
  • Ensure calves have access to plenty of fresh water.
  • Aids in the treatment of diarrhoea
  • Calves love the taste
  • BioGro certified input for organics
  • No withholding period required
  • Safe for all livestock
  • 100% Natural BPM Zeolite
SDS BPM Powder Zeolite december 2017 [Adobe Acrobat PDF file]