Ngakuru Stone

New Zealand stone with a Mediteranean look and feel for decorative landscaping

Product Description

Ngakuru Stone is a new light-weight volcanic stone sustainably sourced from the dramatic central volcanic zone of the Central North Island of New Zealand.

Ngakuru stone comes in three sizings for various landscaping effects and can be used as decorative garden ground cover, in gabion cages or anywhere your imagination takes you.

Ngakuru Stone is a cost effective solution for your landscaping requirements and is easy to work with.

Ngakuru Stone Garden web


Sizing 30mm x 65mm, suitable for decorative landscaping/ garden ground cover.

Sizing 65mm x 125mm, suitable for landscaping/garden ground cover/gabion cages.

Sizing 300mm plus, suitable as feature rocks, general landscaping and garden ground cover.

  • NEW light-weight stone product
  • Unique colour range
  • Very easy to work with
  • Cost effective
  • Sustainably sourced from the Central North Island
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