BBQ Mineral Sponge

BBQ mineral sponge is a unique, non-toxic natural mineral BBQ fat absorbent

Product Description

The highly complex molecular structure of zeolite has a vast surface area with interconnected passageways, which aborbs and entraps the moisture, fats, grease and offensive odours often resulting from BBQ cooking. Absorbency of zeolite is very high - typically around 80-90%.

The natural zeolite granules contained in this product are pure, free flowing and give a minimum of dusting. The mineral is non toxic, natural, easy to handle and is non-caking.


BBQ Mineral Sponge BBQ


1. For easy clean-up, line the drip tray with aluminium foil.

2. Apply a 10-15mm even layer of BBQ Buddy fat absorber over the entire surface of your barbeque drip tray.

3. You will know when it is time to change the fat absorber when the colour has completely changed or when the odour returns.

  • Fat absorbed and contained for easy disposal
  • Absorbs fats, oils and other liquids
  • Minimises flame flare-ups and odours
  • Natural mineral, non toxic
  • Easy to use
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