Optimise Animal Health via bedding

Product Description

Extend the life of your bedding material with BPM Bedding Base and Conditioner additives.

The animal (adult or new-born) is subjected to pathogens in the environment that it is born into and the environment that it is kept in. It is important to ensure that these environments are as pathogen free as possible. A dry environment is critical to limit the pathogenic load that animals may be subjected to. BPM Bedding aims to keep the bedding as Fresh, healthy and dry for the animals as possible.

BPM Bedding is a fully natural mineral, the properties of this mineral makes it ideal to add to animal bedding and improve the absorbent quality of the bedding ( resulting in dryer bedding), capture ammonia and reduce the pathogenic load in sheds.This in turn will reduce odours, decrease the volume of harmful gasses, reduce the environmental burden and improve the living conditions and welfare of your animals.

Parasites (oocysts) on higher porosity (drier environment) surfaces are exposed to increased osmotic stress, which relates to an increased die-off rate in those environments.

BPM Bedding increases the absorption capacity of the bedding leading to reduced humidity of the surrounding environment and improved consistency of the litter. The bedding material and manure obtained as a secondary product of offers additional benefits: slower release of nutrients into the soil, lower risk of escape of nutrients into groundwater and a more effective use of the supplied nutrients by the root system of the plants.


BPM Bedding:

Is ideal for use in all types of bedding for all classes of animals: calf sheds, goat sheds, loafing barns, piggeries, chicken sheds etc.

 Is available in two grades

BASE - a granular grade which is added after clean-out and prior to shavings or other bedding materials will absorb excess ammonia and moisture which filters through the bedding.

CONDITIONER - a powder grade which can be added on a regular basis to reduce moisture, ammonia and generally freshen the bedding. 

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Material size 1mm – 8mm
Add to bedding at a rate of 1.85 to 3.7kg p/m²/week (dependent on ground condition, air flow, temperature, animal pressure and other relevant factors)


Material size: <1.2mm
Add to bedding at a rate of 0.5kg to 1kg p/m²/week (dependent on air flow, temperature, animal pressure and other relevant factors)

 Add more in areas where moisture tends to be a bigger problem i.e. water and feed troughs.

The bedding material used will impact the amount of BPM Bedding used: wood chip (lower absorption) will require more product than wood shavings (higher absorption).

  • Retention of ammonia with a deodorising effect in the barn.
  • Improving the living conditions for the livestock and working conditions for the attending staff.
  • Improving the bedding material for use on pasture and cropping areas.
  • Ease of use, spread out as a mix with other bedding material, wood shavings, wood chip.
  • Reduces moisture levels in bedding.
SDS BPM Zorbi fresh Active February 2021 [Adobe Acrobat PDF file]
SDS BPM Zorbi Fresh Active granular February 2021 [Adobe Acrobat PDF file]