OptiGuard is a BioGro certified anti-diarrhoeal that when fed to calves significantly reduces the effects of scours.

Product Description

OptiGuard is a BioGro certified stockfeed supplement that when fed to calves significantly reduces scours, stimulates livestock immune systems and enhances calves resistance to disease. It's a premium calf anti-scour is a finely milled zeolite product that is available through your local vet clinic.


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What is OptiGuard?

OptiGuard is a very finely milled, geologically young, natural mineral specific to the Taupo volcanic zone in NZ called BPM zeolite. BPM Zeolite is an alumino silicate with a porous three-dimensional honeycomb framework with a net negative charge. The combined honeycomb framework and net negative charge, allows BPM Zeolite to both absorb liquids and adsorb compounds.

When fed to calves this provides many advantages to their developing immune systems. OptiGuard significantly reduces scours, while enhancing a calf’s resistance to disease and aiding their digestion processes. This allows calves to grow to weight more quickly and wean earlier.

Scouring in calves is the highest contributor to dehydration and so reducing the possibility of dehydration enables the calf to utilise the nutrients it is being fed and optimise its growth.

OptiGuard is completely natural and BioGro certified as an input for organics, it is cost effective, it has many benefits in terms of animal health, and is also beneficial to the environment.

OptiGuard is available in 20kg bags. Ask for OptiGuard today.

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Customer feedback

"I just wanted to say how much I love this product. For example I had stopped feeding as all our calves were over 1 month old and passed the high risk scouring stage. But one of vats of stored milk went off and all the inside calves got the shits. Normally this could have turned out very badly but I just bulk fed them OptiGuard and they were recovered within two days. </body></html>

Healthy Feeding Calves


  • Aids in the treatment of scours
  • Calves love the taste
  • BioGro certified organic input
  • No Withholding period required
  • Safe for all livestock
  • 100% Natural BPM Zeolite
SDS BPM milled zeolite April 2017 [Adobe Acrobat PDF 文件]