Natural solutions for those challenging first 60 days of calving

Product Description

An alternative calf anti-scour product, OptiCalf is a coarser milled zeolite product sold through many rural retailers such as Farmlands, PGG Wrightsons, FarmSource, Essential Nutrition and Wonder Minerals.


What is OptiCalf?

BioGro certified as an organic input, OptiCalf™ is a standard grade natural zeolite supplement that when fed to calves significantly reduces scours, stimulates livestock immune systems and enhances calves resistance to disease.

OptiCalf is a BPM zeolite mined from the Taupo volcanic zone and manufactured locally.  Natural BPM zeolites have an extensive internal three dimensional porous structure giving it the unique ability to absorb, adsorb, hold, release and exchange water, ions and nutrients according to conditions of the surrounding environment.*

Ask for OptiCalf at your local rural retailer.

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