Maximin Zinc Plus

Product Description

* Independent laboratory testing has shown Maximin Zinc Plus provides more mineral availability to the animal than any competitor product currently on the market.

NEW product Maximin Zinc Plus provides you with peace of mind by utilising high quality mineral inputs included at a ratio for optimal animal health. Maximin Zinc Plus is safe to use, free flowing and wont separate out when added to your herds supplementary feed.

MaxiMin Zinc Plus contains Optimate plus Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Phosphorus and ACVM registered Zinc Oxide (#A006944). The Magnesium, Phosphorus and Sodium are all supplied from a range of readily animal available minerals and feed additives and Calcium from Calcium Carbonate.



* Can assist in reducing excess rumen ammonium levels
* Enhances the nutritional value of stock feed
* Acts as a rumen buffer
* Reduces nitrogen losses into the environment
* Helps control acidosis & other ailments

Optimate has been used as a feed additive for livestock for many decades to increase average daily gain and improve health of young stock, improve rumen function and nitrogen utilisation and may help to prevent certain metabolic disorders.

Ongoing research is showing that feeding cows Optimate can lower blood urea levels. This is a sign of improved protein-nitrogen utilisation in the rumen of the cow.


Maximin Zinc Plus can be used with most on-farm feed systems and can be blended with any supplementary feed. Maximin Zinc Plus can either be mixed on-farm or request your feed supplier to add it to your supplementary feeds.

  • Safe: ACVM Registered Zinc # A006944
  • Wont separate out when added to feeds
  • With the added benefit of the inclusion of 30% Optimate
  • Can assist with minimising the effects of Facial Eczema
SDS BPM maximin zinc plus MSDS 2017 [Adobe Acrobat PDF 文件]