ZorbiFresh & ZorbiFresh Active

Optimise Animal Health via bedding

Product Description

For healthy livestock bedding it is important to remove moisture and ammonia. ZorbiFresh and ZorbiFresh Active both have the ability to absorb up to 100% of their weight in moisture.

ZorbiFresh Active has the additional benefit of killing bacteria.

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These products are for animal bedding only, but are used in a wide range of livestock situations, calves, cow barns, chickens, pigs, horses and goats. Products are available around the world, so contact us today.


  • Retention of ammonia with a deodorising effect in the barn.
  • Improving the living conditions for the livestock and working conditions for the attending staff.
  • Improving the bedding material for use on pasture and cropping areas.
  • Ease of use, spread out as a mix with other bedding material, wood shavings, wood chip.
  • Reduces moisture levels in bedding.
SDS BPM Zorbi fresh Active February 2021 [Adobe Acrobat PDF 文件]