Find an alternative film for the current paper, sewn to bag, something not seen in the New Zealand litter market.

Blue Pacific Minerals had successfully tendered for the supply of litter to Masterpet Corporation New Zealand. The previous supplier had held the contract for 25 years. The product and brand had always been in a paper bag with a sewn seam. Masterpet were very clear in their wishes that this key feature and product performance was to be retained as their customer loyalty was based these key features.

Blue Pacific Minerals had limited ability to supply paper bags due to manual sewing systems and large volume required by Masterpet.

Solutions at this point were to invest in new plant capital to cope with the sewing demand or look for alternative films which could be produced through existing plastic heat seal plant.

We engaged Convex Plastic to assist with finding a solution to mitigate this hurdle. Convex presented several options from glued paper to lined paper film and new concept film of plastic-paper-plastic laminate.

THis film structure had the feel, look and crispness of paper, plus the strength of plastic combined with recyclability. BPMNZ presented this option to Masterpet as an alternative solution which was received with some concerns however after some rigorous testing it was agreed to run with the new film structure.

The change to Zeolite and the new bag had no negative effect on the customer base, market share increased in the following months.

Throughout this process BPM was able to demonstrate its flexibility to work with the client to find a suitable solution to both customer and supplier without compromising a demanding loyal customer base.